Suited And Booted

Ok Folks, you have come to the right place to get PUT up on proper attire.
This installment will primarially focus on Mens Apparel.
Lets start with the Standard Basics today.
Its a name you have heard before and is synonamous with high society.As you may have noticed ,quite a few exquisite clothing labels hail from Italy, yet there are some who may not know why its that way, and are afraid to ask for fear of feeling dumb, so we will Volunteer the PimpFormation.

The reason is , because Italy has always been a place that places The QUALITY of a product at a higher value than the QUANTITY of a product.
For example, while JC Pennys or Sears may manufacture 100,000 suits per year with the same low cost materials of Polyester or Rayon,
Armani would produce,lets say, a maximum of 10,000 suits per year at a higher than average sticker price that the average consumer could not afford, which then increases the value of their suits, due to their limited supply.Its all simple and basic business fundamentals, which is why prominent people ALWAY dress themselves in specific attire,to set themselves apart from the average and common, and now that You know,YOU now may want to follow.
G.Armani Website

In the next installment, we will focus on Shoes, or better stated FOOTWEAR.