Up 2 Date

Ok Ok Ok, we do Lag in our reporting the LATEST news.SO Guess what
boy/girl scouts, the Job is Open, if you want it, inquire within.

So with that out of the way, lets see whats what.

Paris Hilton -On Her Way to the “BING”.

Real Stand Up Bitches Will Take A CHARGE!
Yes, who hasn’t heard about this by now?
Yet the L.A. County Jail System is “THE TRUTH”, so we have heard;)
Its really no laughing matter, even for PH(PimpHop or Paris Hilton).
But all In all, its simply the New Level Of The Game.
Catch A Case-Do A Lil Time-Get a Lil Street Cred-Sell More Merchandise and Book More Gigs…Its SIMPLE….
Paris, Hold Ya Head, and let PimpHop.com hold a lil somthing while you are away  

Britney Bangs Back.

Ok, and Yep Britney has been active get in a few shows in.
Like we stated before for those who follow.Its GOOD PUBLICITY, to shave your head, act a lil nutty, go to rehab, and then get that ass back up on the stage, and sell out some shows because we got some bills to pay.
Still say K-Fed lost One……

Oh Yeah,
Kimmy Kim Kim Kardisian & Ray J tape is Out, for those interested in this type of stuff.

Just Google In Kim Kardisian Superstar.

What Else?
You Tell Us