Why Is Prostitution The Oldest Profession In The World?

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The time has come to spice things up around these parts, and I conclude that a cool thing about the Internet is that it often allows you to surf anonymously without anyone knowing what you may have an interest in.

With that said, today’s topic is in regards to prostitution and why it is said to be worlds oldest profession. I am not at liberty at this time to discuss the fundamental reasons as to why this is a valid statement, yet what I can and will do is simply share some of the recent personal experiences that I have had since the beginning of August 2009.


We can start with today, as this morning, I actually happened to pass by Starbucks on a Saturday morning mission. When I step into the parking lot, I saw two young ladies actually dressed almost identically to the images above. Without an ounce of exaggeration on my part , this same mysterious scenario has unfolded at least 5 out of the last 7 days, and it appears to be reoccurring more frequently as time progresses.

The most fascinating part of the story is that while this type of phenomenon is something that most would expect to happen in inner cities and more urban areas, I actually reside in the suburbs, in an Anywhere America setting with the Starbucks, WalMart, mobile phone shop and other associated businesses.

Perhaps its simply a result of me being a bit square regarding certain circumstances, as this perhaps is simply a new retro 80’s fashion trend that has been expanding for a few years now. Why these women dress and behave in this way is beyond me,
(for the most part), yet change is definitely in the air.

In times past, this type of display was often deemed as inappropriate and socially unacceptable, where as now, it has shown to be exactly what is in demand and what businesses need to draw consumers to the place of commerce as this same scenario that took place in front of Starbucks happens  at the local strip malls,  7-Eleven, gas stations, and even on a residential side street where a woman dressed as such just a few days ago, had a broken down Jaguar just off of the main thoroughfare , and just so happened to be in luck as there was a man with motor skills in the same exact vicinity at the same exact time,who stopped to assist this micro mini sporting damsel in distress.

Again, I am simply reporting the news, yet in the interest of sweeping global changes on varying levels of society, I will be as bold to state that if this whole scenario of a supposed New World Order turns out to be an actual fact, I would also wager that the first order of business in that new order

would be interestingly similar to the original one, perhaps even more effective with the aid of technology and efficient usage.

So, on that note, again its
On With The Show!

A different perspective to consider.

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Written By
R. Branch
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Scotty Pimpin