Social Hollywood

Social Hollywood has to show mad love to our boy Donovan for inviting us out to Social Hollywood.

The night started out pretty wild for your boys here at PimpHop, as usual massive alcohol consumption and giving in to the pleasures of the flesh started our adventure. Once we landed in Hollywood our buzz was starting to wear off so we hit the liquor store for another round.


After leaving the store we took a quick spin around the block to see what was out on the streets. While cruising Donovan spots us and extends an invitation to one of Hollywood’s hottest spots Social Hollywood. We excepted the invitation, but had prior business to take care of. Once we completed our predetermined duties we headed on over to meet up with D.

We spotted D standing on the red carpet surrounded by on lookers and giant club bouncers, so we hopped out of the car and made our way into the club.

Now let the pictures do the talkin. <–Click the link