How To Be A “PUBLIC FIGURE” And “MAKE MONEY” – Featuring Kay de Courval

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public figure


a well-known or notable person; “they studied all the great names in the history of France”; “she is an important figure in modern music” [syn: name]

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As is the case quite often, the day started with something of special notice in my inbox, and who/what you see in the image above is who/what you get.

If I was calling the shots over at Facebook, I would have these young aspiring female entrepreneurs be the primary points of focus, yet then again, perhaps it is best to just implement the procedure here at, which is actually already the case, and here is why.

Over the years of social media evolution, beginning with Myspace, and then on to Facebook and Twitter, there has been an influx of attractive young women appearing on the screen with the goal of being “all that they can and should be”, and more often than not, it currently shows up in the form of having Public Figure as a listed title for a Facebook Fan or Brand Page, and while there are some who may question the validity of this tendency as far as credibility is concerned, the name of the game at the very top of social media business, especially for a soon to be Publicly Traded company such as Facebook, is  advertising revenue which interestingly enough requires the highly coveted yet hard to attain attention of the viewers, yet these same young ladies appear to draw that same attention with the greatest of ease and least amount of effort and all that is needed is someone with a savy business made simple mindset to convert it all into a functional and useful monetised business model that serves the needs and best interests of all parties involved.

Lets test it out, shall we?

Kay de Courval – @kaydecourval (Twitter)

Professional Glamour Model available for photo shoots, video shoots, and spokes model work. Follow me on Facebook: or

And there we have it. A Public Figure is a Model. A Business Model to be specific.
Job creation made simple.