Al Sharpton Steps In To Paris Hilton Debate

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Activist and “Community Leader” Al Sharpton is scheduled to meet with Sheriff Lee Baca, to discuss the exact reasons why Paris Hilton was released from custody, as it appears to reflect preferential treatment. Other “So Called” minority leadership groups have asked for the L.A. County Supervisors Office, to open an additional probe into the reasons why she was granted certain privileges that other inmates are not.

PimpHop Perspective.

Time is Money , so lets save ourselves some. Money Talks, Bullshit Walks (Unless Your License Is Suspended), and due to this fact , and this fact alone,she received special treatment. SOOO, simply use it as a motivation to Get Your Money Up, to afford the finer things in life, in this particular case… FREEDOM. Get Outta Jail Free Card, GET YOURS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!! Worked for O.J. so, there goes the Race Card as ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS accept GREEN MONEY!!! Oh..You INIT Know?