I-Ran , But In Which Direction?

Once again its on!
If someone in 1999 would have tried to convince me of an idea which claimed that the Internet would very soon be the primary source of media, over shadowing the mainstream and replacing it with gamestream media, would I have listened and agreed? Actually, the answer is no, yet the reason is because I convinced myself of the idea, acted upon it, and have it confirmed for me 10 years later in the form of what you are now reading. Another testament of the benifits of
Believing In Yourself,
and Following Your Own Ideals.

Todays news is in regards to the current

conflict in I- Ran. It would be best if I explained how in the world this may effect you, because as with many things in the news, although it is something that draws much attention, we sometimes dont really see how it affects us as ordinary citizens.

From what I can tell, history has shown that U.S. and Iran has had different conflicts and partnerships off and on for quite sometime now, similar to what many experience with individuals in their own personal lives. Its like a flip flop of the bad guy and the good guy, better classified as” Frien-Emies“. A perfect example is the fact that Iran’s current government regime for the immediate time being is actually a result of a revolutionary overthrow of a prior revolutionary overthrow.

For more information, simply research the Iran Revolution.

Once that went into effect, and a
Totalitarian Fundamentalist Islamic Dictatorship was put in place, the nation became an adversary of the United States and actually went to war with a neighboring country and dictatorship regime which was actually an American ally during this time.
This country is known as Iraq, and the leader of that nation during that time was Saddam Hussien, who is no longer in the picture as you may have seen in the gamestream media footage from mobile phone cameras of his trial and capital punishment for war crimes. Back then (the 80’s) he was a friend.

You also had a pretty high level trade deal that reached all the way up to the commander and chief during the 80’s, and it was known as the
Iran Contra Scandal. You can do your own research on it as well, yet in brief , it was an arms for money deal, so that another army closer to home could be funded with the proceeds and the drug known as crack cocaine could find its way to the streets of the U.S.A., yet once again, it was a classic case of getting caught sleeping with the frien-emy.

If you want to go way out, and bring in the Hollywood connection, there was a popular film released in 2007
known as 300, which is someones account of a historic conflict between the Romans and The Persians.

All in all, I just find it most interesting that as usual and in times past, the tools and resources that are being used by dissidents and up and coming leadership are actually American made, operated, and distributed.

As an example, I had a feeling that what we see in news outlets now would be on its way just a few weeks ago, when they announced that the government of iran would be blocking access to the social networking site known as Facebook during the recent elections.
The same has happened in other non democratic nations, that disallow usage of web resources  to varying extenets , which run on machines that are based in California and other parts of the U.S.A.

The moral of this story is as the title of this post states.

I saw the action so
I-Ran, But In Which Direction,
To It, Or From It?

A different perspective to consider.