Britney Spears Hands Over Kids To K Fed

Yes, already sure you have heard.In the news, after all the subpenoas sent to assistants and bodyguards regarding Britneys Behavior, a judge recently rules to grant temporary custody of the kids to their father and recently divorces spouse Kevin Federline. from what it looks like, she will proably recieve custody back, as they are in court as of today to work it all out.
In actuality, they are both still officially sharing custody, so I believe that this is simply a temporary matter, urging to get B. Spears to step her game up.News reports say that the straw that broke the camels back rests in he fact that she was cited for driving without a valid drivers license with the kids in the vehicle.

PimpHop Perspective.
Looks Like Britney is one of the Prime Candidates  for PLAYER HATE as of late.
Why so much HATE towards Lil Britney Anyway,I Ask Myself?
What has she really ever done to anyone else in the first place, except tell squares
The TRUTH , which is that