YOU – Worthless Or Priceless?


without worth; of no use, importance, or value; good-for-nothing:a worthless person; a worthless contract.


1.having a value beyond all price; invaluable: a priceless artwork.

It’s the last Tuesday Newsday of the month of March 2010, and with profitability and prosperity as the current focus, this point of pondering will definitely do the trick.

Simple and plain, if you know about the Jewish Holiday popularly known as Passover, it basically demonstrates the value of diligent  preparation and planning, so today’s entry will be short and to the point.

From what I know, all that I can really say is that at the end of the day, I believe that the true worth of a person is actually determined by their own authentic self estimate, so the question for today is for you to decide.

YOU – Worthless Or Priceless?
(Fill In The Blank_______)

Decisions, Decisions.

A different perspective to consider.