Diddy With Another Kiddy With An Unforgivable Woman!

In The News.
Mogul Sean Combs, A.K.A. P Diddy is now officially confirmed as the biological father of a daughter that was born to Atlanta woman
Sarah Chapman last summer , before the birth of the twins born to his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter.Rumors have been circulating for sometime, and while Diddy has repeatedly denied the claims, he now states that he was simply waiting for the results of the D.N.A. tests in order to confirm the facts.Rumors have also swirled stating that a primary reason for the split between Diddy and Kim were a direct result of this “Maybe Baby“.

PimpHop Perspective Its a Cold Game, and this incident is some PLAYER SHIT , yet at the end of the day, its GREAT NEWS.
Let That Man Do His THING!!!

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R. Branch
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