Medical Marijunana ATM Machines!!

In The News.
Official as of Monday January 28, 2008 along with your favorite goodies and necessities , you (with a doctors consultation & prescription) can pick up a sack of PRIMO GRADE MARY JANE, compliments of the new Anytime Vending Machine (AVM).

The first machine will be located in the heart of Los Angeles on Melrose Blvd.
This machine will capture the patients finger print, and conduct transactions with a
prepaid debit card to ensure the proper dosage of doh-doh for those in need.
Also, it should be noted that the location will be staffed with round the clock security staff, which I’m sure will become apart of the coveted Hollywood “P” List.

Herbal Nutrition Center , the company who is the first to introduce this innovative new service , is also located in Los Angeles at a nearby location.
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