B-Rock Obama- How The West Was Won

As of 2-20-08, Barack Obama (B-Rock) has secured two additional victories in is approach to the oval office, now adding up to a complete tenth consecutive victory in the democratic nominee competition.

It appears to me that all of the hype is simply for entertainment, and better ratings as the race has already been decided before the beginning of the new year.The decision maker is none other than the young lady seen on the left although most uninitiated people would not quite be able to fathom the true effectiveness and power of her choice.

Hillary Clinton is on a self sabotage course, as she has the thought of defeat in her mind which she and her campaign team are fighting against. It appears that her campaign is on the attack, and whenever an individual goes on the offensive, it’s usually is a defensive reaction, which indicates a feeling of fear and concern.

Simply put, its the application of this same tactic that makes Muhammad Ali , the greatest fighter of all time.
Contrary to popular belief , it was not his physical abilities which resulted in his excellence, as most boxing experts claim many fighters past and present were of equal or better build physically. it was his uncanny ability to place the seed of fear and doubt inside of the minds of his opponent , effect them on an emotional level, and cause them to sabotage themselves by having them focus on his words which led to a self fulfilling prophecy for each of his opponents.

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