LeBron James- Goin MANDINGO On Em'

Ok Ok,
a little controversy never hurt anybody and makes for decent debate, so shouts going out to the staff at Vogue Magazine.

You known DAMN WELL that this reinforces racial stereotypes of the old King Kong after the Poor Helpless White Woman ideology.
Thats why we give you props!!!!
As one of the most prestigious and popular publications on the planet, you decided that it was time to take a risk, and come outside the box with it, and stir up some fodder and get people feeling emotion.

No Harm no foul as its said in the game of playground basketball.
Now, of course you might have used Tiger Woods, who’s wife actually is of Caucasian Persuasion and in my mind, just as attractive as Supermodel Giselle, not to mention the fact that they are a married couple.
Another choice would be Seal and Heidi Klum, as SEAL kinda really DOES resemble a Gorilla , even though he makes some bomb ass music.

The Question that I most want to know, that people don’t seem to be focused on, is in regards to how much in ECSTASY, Super model Giselle appears to be in on this issue cover?
Picture That!>!>!

Its a Supply & Demand World, and not all Black Males are Professional Athletes.
A Small few actually Run Online Media Outlets…..

Shouts Going Out to vogue-
Strike A Pose, as Madonna would say!!