Welcome Back!!
Today , we will take a look at the future in the form of the current, in the form of Leona Lewis.

If the name does not ring a bell , the face is sure to do the trick. This young lady is the new IT starlet of legendary music industry mogul Clive Davis and J Records along with the infamous Simon Cowell.
This new 21 years young starlet hails from The U.K. and actually made her way into the publics radar through a feature on the popular British talent show X-Factor which is in fact the British version of the popular U.S. talent show American Idol, both of which were founded by none other than Simon Cowell.

Upon taking a look and having a listen to this super bright star, Simon immediately proceeded to press a few phone buttons in an effort to reach out to Clive and the J Records staff. Clive, with a proven track record of introducing MegaStar Divas to the game , went into partnership with Simon on a joint venture deal ( J Records/ SyCo Music).

Their combined superstar discovery instincts have appeared to paid off handsomely, as after winning the X-Factor crown by a landslide, her album Spirit. and lead off single, Bleeding Love, debuted as the fastest selling debut album in the history of British Music.
Interestingly enough, although she already has an enormous U.S. buzz with high visibility, the album is as of yet, to be released, and is scheduled to drop this month on Tuesday, April 8.

The record is already for sell online, and is breaking records globally for fastest and most in demand downloads across ALL major online music carriers.

Born and raised in the U.K. to a Guyanese Father, and Welsh Mother, she was bred for stardom so to speak, as she was enrolled in prestigious theater schools followed up by the Brit Academy Of Performing Arts with a few part time jobs to cover her own studio fees, including (GET THIS) …a stint a PIZZA HUT!!!!!

We here at your friendly neighborhood PimpHop.com most definitely know the value of this new star and will surely sign off on her claims to the throne.

The best news to date is that Simon Cowell has invested a bit of his lunch money in the neighborhood of $5 Million U.S.D. , into a residence in the City of Angels in order for her to get better acquainted with the left side of the Atlantic Ocean with short ride to the Pacific.

We welcome her with open arms as well, and look forward to having her around as a GREAT new sight seeing attraction in the area.
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