Leona Lewis Tops The Charts- Mixed Chick Revolution Is In FULL SWING!

Just like Hannibal Smith from the A -Team used to say,

“I love it when a plan comes together!!”

Just as expected, the Mixed Chick Revolution has been initiated, and is in full effect with a growing momentum as
Leona Lewis has topped the U.S. music charts with her latest release entitled Spirit, making her the first British artist in history to debut at the #1 spot in record sales.
Leona Lewis Billboard Chart Review Link

Interestingly enough, in regards to singles as well as albums, its a stiff competition between the Leona and The Veteran Mariah Carey , with her album E=MC2
and associated singles.

Leona or Mariah??
Ill Just Have BOTH.
Also in the mix interestingly enough is last years American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks, so yes, AGAIN, the Mixed Chick Revolution is in Full Effect.

As usual, I Tuned in to Good Day L.A. this morning to check up one of my favorite ladies, Jillian Barberie, (Its a L.A. Thing).
and interestingly enough, the show had a segment with Terri Seymour,

which is the current and long time girlfriend of Simon Cowell.
They were as usual giving play by play footage of the Idol Series ,which makes perfect sense as both shows are actually apart of the FOX network line up and are high in Nielsen rating reports.
(AGAIN, its a L.A. Thing)
Who was on the mic last night??
Mariah Carey, who interestingly enough was the center of focus for all contestants earlier in the week as they were to sing her songs.

Yet, interestingly enough, Jordin Sparks made her appearance as returning Idol Title winner last week.

So, yes, this is the wave of the future and looking to be the saving grace of the entire Music Industry.

Leona Lewis is scheduled to make her American Idol debut next week, which is sure to generate plenty of attention to the already highly popular series.

And never to be found behind the curve, Mighty Mighty PimpHop.com will go ahead and introduce who is scheduled to be the next young

Her name?
Karina Pasian

If You Aint Up On Thangs, do the Smart Thing, which is


Nuff Said.
If you GET IT,
then GET WITH IT—>

See You At The Top


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin