Evita Castine- Another "P" True Hollywood Story

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome back to
The International Space Station a.k.a. Pimphop.com

Today has been a few years coming.
One of the most often asked questions is in regards to the Hollywood
aspect of the publication.
Many have stated that while it may have some Hollywood appeal, they are not able to clearly see the Hollywood that they are used to and have become accustomed to seeing.

The simple answer is, that when you actually reside inside of T.V. and Movie Land, the perception is different from what one would perceive on the outside looking in.

Just in the nick of time, this young lady shows up with the perfect remedy, which is to act our your tour guide and take you along with her on her adventures in the land of la la.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce
Evita Castine

Something very interesting is happening in the world, which is evident from the amount of Reality TV shows on the air.

It appears that the fine line between fact and fiction, real and surreal,
fantasy and actuality is becoming more and more blurred as time progresses,making it  more difficult to distinguish between each end of the spectrum in the process.

For example,
Evita is here on set.

And again


And again


And again

And again


The riddle of the Sphinx is as follows.

Which images are REAL LIFE and which are STAGED?

Whichever you choose, you are correct, and since footage from la la land is broadcast globally, if the mission calls for it, Evita is seen here
on assignment in overseas.. or is she?
(Eiffel Tower- France)

(Cannes- France)

Its whatever the job requires, which is the most interesting part about the story, and here is why.

There are also those who have ascertained that what they see being portrayed is all an ACT and not the nitty gritty, real street version that one may expect to see, with a name like PimpHop.com.
Its I guess what is known as being Hollywood.

In actuality, we are all ok with that assessment, as Evita, on returning home for assignment decided to show up on a local set pre dressed and ready for performance , and she would probably be in the best position to communicate the scenario in her own words.


March 31, 2009

OMG so I came to the audition in character. It’s not too often these days you can just be an actor and go have some fun. I came dressed like the hooker I want to play. You know those bytches saw me come in and acted like I was trash. I never had so much fun in my life…

April 01, 2009

Evita Castine Got a call back for her interpretation of an L.A. Figuerora…. Street Walking Hooker!!!

Good Example or Bad Example?
Lets chalk it up as a WORKING EXAMPLE !

This is just a sneak peak at where the game is headed, and Evita is actually pondering as to whether or not it is in her best interest to share the methods of making your dreams your reality with our viewers, so that you may also reside on the same side of the glass window as she does.

Decisions Decisions.

Stay Tuned!

A different perspective to consider.