Moss Lipow- Frame Of Mind Equals Frame Of Vision

Welcome back to the show.
Attention All Visionaries.
In a time and age where a bleak outlook is the popular outlook, those
who have a different perspective are set apart by default.

For these like minded individuals, a great name to refer to is
Moss Lipow.

Known globally as the “Go To Guy” in regards to getting your frames of vision in proper order, the Moss Lipow brand of eyewear is synonymous with a stylish with substance, in the know perspective.
As a graduate of the NYC Film School, and respected historian/visionary, his instincts led him into the craft of eyewear design, which allows his creative visualization talents to handcraft spectacular frames, each of which are based around some form of a philosophical wisdom outlook.

Many of the cool kids and jet set circuit card carrying members are avid fans of his work and the fundamental truths that it represents, in addition to his unique and pleasantly down to earth attitude and personal character.

Moss Lipow States-

Most people, though, know me from the line of designer eyewear I produce… Some very classic shapes…mod, retro-modern…and some other things that are completely out of the box… Fans and customers include Devo, Erykah Badu, Elton John, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Spike Lee (a bona-fide eyewear style icon!), a fair number of gracious and lovely fashion editors, and more… Some mainstream celebrities, some non-mainstream celebrities, other people… In truth, I consider them all stars…

If you are interested in getting to know Moss Lipow,
he is not hard to find.
Simply visit the web address below.

I will now leave you with a SECRET.
The guy below behind the coke bottle frames was actually SUPERMAN!