HOMEGIRL INDUSTRIES – Grassroots Literally

Lets see how to go about explaining this entry. What you see in the header image is what you actually get, which is a Homegirl in the HOMEGIRL GARDEN. How it came about is through a popular and innovative program in Los Angeles known as Homeboy Industries, which was founded by Father Greg Boyle  as a method of rehabilitating convicts through creating a brand and concept which trains ex convicts in the area of work and life skills and offers assistance for the purpose of helping them to become productive citizens that act with dignity and self respect. A sister program was then created for the female population hence you have the term Homegirl Industries.

Due to the recent budget cuts in the city, Homeboy Industries faced a potential setback in regards to their programs which caused the organization to have a need to cut much of its services due to a lack of funding.

As luck would have it, Ralphs, one of the largest supermarket chains in Southern California decided to keep some authenticity in the community by going into a partnership agreement with Homeboy Industries to offer
Homeboy Industries Chips & Salsa on their shelves as an excellent method of giving back to the community and giving the organization the sense of corporate validity and relevance.

This particular entry in the style section was inspired by a news segment that I viewed last month regarding the introduction of this new venture which offered some insight into the separate factions of the Homeboy and Homegirl Industry families and the friendly competition that takes place between each which I believe shows an excellent opportunity for growth because while the organization is most well known for the services and products offered by the Homeboy’s side of the organization, the actual ingredients contained within the salsa are grown in the Homegirl Garden, which is in the header image, and actually points to
the Homegirl Industries Cafe which is said to offer ““Latina flavors with a contemporary twist”.

The moral of the story is simply that somebody has to offer adequate and balanced support for the Homegirls, hence my fingers began to move on their own accord.