Babelgum Online Film Festival With Spike Lee

New Media Equals New Establishment.
Therefore it is of extreme importance for the newbies to pay homage to the Predecessors.

A perfect example is in the form of the Babelgum Online Film Festival, which is now actually offering the chance for young and aspiring film makers to win a trip to Cannes to meet with Spike Lee during the Cannes Film Festival where he will be awarding the Babelgum Festival Winner.

For those of you not yet familiar with the Babelgum brand, it is simply a service application which users download to their PC which allows them to upload, edit and view digital films and television productions , along with enhanced full screen viewing capabilities. An added bonus is the ability for producers to receive critiques from industry professionals and other viewers.


Metaphorically Speaking, if YouTube and MyspaceTV were online playground basketball locations, Babelgum would be Staples Center or Madison Square Garden online arena locations, where the PROFESSIONALS play and spectators observe.

Spike Lee And Babelgum State-

Spike explains that joining up with Babelgum gives independent filmmakers the freedom to screen their work globally, he says: “You have no excuses now. If you have a film and you‘re talented and someone is not seeing it, it‘s your fault.

Do your own research and get on your game!
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