Apple MacBook Air- Cloud Computing Has Come

We have a saying here at your Friendly Neighborhood that we have been using since the beginning and it is as follows. Is NOT Underground,

Be careful what you wish for, as you may very well get it.

On the market currently from Steve Jobs and the Apple crew is the device known as the Macbook Air.
It is currently the worlds lightest and thinnest notebook computer to day weighing in at 3 pounds and small enough to place inside of a traditional manila envelope.
It like most of appeals latest devices including the iPhone was created specifically for the Wi-Fi set who need to stay connected with out actually being plugged in to a cable.
This trend with other devices such as Blackberry, PSP, and Sidekick, etc. are apart of a new global initiative known as CLOUD COMPUTING.

How It All Works-
The concepts is actually quite simple and is in effect currently with plenty of end user applications.
It simply entails that instead of having your data stored locally on your computers hard drive, you can simply access the internet and have the actual location of the date reside on an off site server.

In “Less Technical” terms, when you may want to have a look at some of your favorite images for example, you may very well notice that a site such as Photobucket allows you to upload them to your profile and share them with others, which eliminates the need for storing them on your hard drive or perhaps a memory stick or some other form of external storage device.
So if you apply that to other things such as documents or even your email box, you will notice that the only thing needed is some form of a device that connects you to the internet, and if this device has wireless connection abilities, you can access the data from wherever you may be so long as you are in range of a wireless connection to the internet.

The current players in the game include IBM who just recently introduced the machine known as
Blue Cloud

Based in Germany, this supercomputer was constructed to allow massive amounts of data to be stored in a location which is can be accessed with an internet connection, similar to the website that you are viewing now (

Google Inc. is also currently the leader in super computer technology as it has various data centers scattered around the globe in anticipation of this new initiative for the masses.

Microsoft and Yahoo are also heavy hitters in this arena, which many say is the reason behind Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Yahoo In, in an effort to compete with Google, who has been rumored to be in talks with Apple for a partnership in which Apple will produce the hardware devices, while Google will provide the back end computing infrastructure.

Simply put, all of this is set to HOUSE THE INFORMATION and RESOURCES into a CENTRALIZED location where users with any device that can access the web can gain access without the need of any of their data being stored locally.

So, in closing, once this is initiative is fully operational, which should be within the next five years , a centralized location for Live Entertainment( SHOWGIRLS) would also be an ideal solution, unless some form of technology is introduced which allows for users to experience life as they know it FULLY inside of THE WEB.
Could You Imagine?

See A Fictional Demonstration Below.