Bentley Zagato Limited Edition – 2012 China Debut

Details about this new model (the automobile and not the woman) came about through an online publication known as Jing Daily which focuses on the emerging luxury lifestyles market in mainland China.

Though demand for luxury cars is showing signs of slowing somewhat in China at the mid- to premium range, the ultra-luxury segment seems to be largely unscathed, particularly for limited-edition models. As Jing Daily noted earlier this year, Aston Martin sold all five of the One-77s the automaker had set aside at the Shanghai Auto Show before doors opened to the public. Since then, other automakers like Bentley have dug in their heels in China, particularly in second- and third-tier cities, with Bentley launching dealerships in cities like Xi’an, Wenzhou, and Zhengzhou.

Rear View Mirror

It is as if The Great Recession of the United States as well as Europe only continues to linger as a result of a limited scope in regards to a more globalized approach to marketing and outreach, and the European household name luxury automobile brands are adjusting by simply refocusing their energies towards the client base that can afford and have a demand for quality goods regardless of their cultural and ethnic origins, or more simply put, they are focusing on where the money is as opposed to where it used to be.

We will be featuring more customized limited edition luxury vehicles that are targeted towards new emerging consumer bases in 2012, and for those who are not familiar with the Zagato organization, we invite you to expand and broaden your horizons by visiting their company website found at this link. 

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