Melody Ehsani Interview- The Game Came From A Woman


Q:So, right from the start, my name is R.B. and I am that guy that talks to you at an industry party or out and about in the world, with a natural instinct to notice your style, compliment and inquire about the shoes that you are wearing asking you where you got them and who makes them.

Interestingly enough, you are a woman who would probably respond by saying “Um, well, I make these shoes and I got them from ME as the name on the shoes would imply”.

That would then open up into quite an interesting conversation which would lead to somewhere amongst the stars, so we will simply use this interview as a transcript for the discussion.

With that said, the person ME is Melody Ehsani, which is an exotic and fly sounding name, so who exactly is she, and what does she represent?

A:Melody Ehsani has developed the ability to follow the course traced by the ongoing process of the cosmos, ya dig?! I show up as who I was designed to be, so the same way a pattern of wood, stone or animal has a design which is natural to it, I am natural and authentic to mine. Melody Ehsani as a brand is authentic, timeless, bold, sexy, unshakable and always relevant.

Q:Well I must say, as one of the worlds foremost authority in the area of Hip Hop culture, that you have quite an accurate and thorough knowledge of Hip Hop culture from a womans perspective, that I have not seen since the days of Salt and Pepa, or perhaps back even further to the days of Roxanne Shante. Furthermore, it is for a sound reason, that the game has chosen you for a special reason, as the preservation of the culture itself, could very well rest in your hands as the fellas have seem to run short of new concepts and ideas in regards to where to take the culture next, so with the office that you have been elected to , what would be some of your most important initiatives?mel2.jpg

A:Wow, thank you, I don’t know about the preservation of the culture resting in my hands, but I have definitely donated my humble interpretation of Hip Hop in fashion. I grew up on Hip Hop, I lived, slept and inhaled music from people like Salt n Pepa, Queen Latifah, Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane and later the Pharcyde and Hieroglyphics. I would love to bring back the innovation that existed in music back then. I mean if you look at the outfits, they were bananas. Dapper Dan was killin’ the game doing custom everything and people were excited and imaginative with who can come out with the freshest gear. It seems like we’ve lost that now. Its all about who has the bigger diamond chain, and who has more sneakers and white tees in their collection, and the girls…I cant even comment its so bad. The fashion however is definitely a reflection of the music content which has declined heavily as well. One of the reasons I have a customizable option on my site is because I want to encourage people to do them. Be imaginative! Anyway, I can talk on this subject for the rest of the interview, you get the point.

Q: In my personal opinion, one of the biggest turn offs is the concept of baggy jeans and sneakers apparel for ladies in Hip Hop fashion. If I wanted to see the style of the dudes, I know where to look, yet since I am looking at you, it would indicate that I like what I see, so what are some of the reasons why you came to a different conclusion than some of the other designers?

A:As played as it sounds, we do live in a mans world. Only recently are we (women) waking up to creating our own positions in this world, doing things our way and not feeling like we have to mimic the standard that has been set by the men who have been in charge of certain arenas up to now. Society tells us that women have to conform to succeed, i.e. women have to have their hair pulled back and have to wear a suit in the office to be taken seriously, female rappers have to wear baggy clothes and look like a man to be taken seriously, but that sh*t is for the birds. The reason why people like Salt n Pepa stood out and revolutionized the game was because they were Female Rappers, and they embraced their femininity, so they opened up the door and created a new position for all female rappers to come after them. We need more women trailblazing the way right now, because we’re in the age of intuition and heightened mental perception. These are all gifts that women are naturally more gifted in, so the powers of the world are shifting towards us (women), and we need to be conscious, aware and ready to be who we’re intended to be and step up to the plate in a big way.

Q: I can sense that you have what most would define as somewhat of a spiritual/philosophical angle to your brand, which is important due to the fact that brands that are embedded with substance and meaning tend to stand the test of time and retain value. Do you believe that your world view plays apart in attracting certain notable figures to your work? If so, how and in what ways?

A:I believe that each person on this planet has a place in this world, and that there is room for everyone and their gifts and talents. Theres a million other designers out there, but there is only one Melody Ehsani. Why would God create and give me the blueprint of a designer and not have me be able to eat off of it? It wouldn’t make sense right?! So I know my place in this world. I think most notable figures in the world have gained this higher level of understanding, and are able to recognize authenticity when they see it. So Ive been fortunate enough to have a handful of them see me and my work for what it is, which is an authentic interpretation of me and my environment. I also believe that if you do the work to arise and be your true self , you enter a place of alignment and support from a source greater than you…so whatever is meant for you will come.


(Rihanna With Melody Ehsani Bamboo Pieces)

Q:As a woman of Persian decent, what is your feedback in regards to the film 300?

A:I think it was an inaccurate portrayal of history and culture, it was a very “Hollywood” production.

Q:As a businesswoman, how does the scenario of interpersonal non platonic relationships play out in your life?

A:I don’t understand this question.

Q:Do you prefer Macintosh or Microsoft Windows based computers for your hustle and grind?


A:Mac, all day.

Q:A little bird once told me that sex actually sells. Does your line of footwear and accessories lend to or borrow from this statement at all, and if so, in what ways?


A:Absolutely, sex is the most powerful force of energy on the planet…sex is what allows us to create the new generation. Sexual energy when used properly can help you to achieve miracles. It’s unfortunate that people have misused sex and have exploited it so much, especially in music and the arts.

In my designs, one of my major influences and considerations is sex appeal…we (women) aren’t walking around in 4 inch heels for any other reason than because it makes us feel sexy, period. So, the sex is inseparable from what I do.

Q: Traditional Persian culture is Islamic based, so are you and your brand faced with any opposition from people who follow these traditions, and if so, in what ways?

A:I haven’t received any direct opposition yet.

Q:Do you believe that you were pre destined to be born and raised in Los Angeles ?

A:Ive never really thought about that, but I do feel like Los Angeles has played a huge part in forming me into who I am.

Q:Have you ever been to Dubai in the UAE, and would you be interested in introducing your brand to individuals who travel and reside there? We ( have solid connections there and in other places around the globe;)! Dubai Travel Information Click Here


(Melody In Jerusalem)

A:Ive been there on a layover, but that’s as close as I got….I would love to introduce my brand out there! Really I want to buy my own island home out there, lol.

Q:Ok, Ill wrap this discussion up by giving you the opportunity to answer 2 questions that I did not ask. Even better, we can do it Jeopardy Style, and have you question 2 answers, to spice things up and reverse the game.

A: A lot of exciting things have been happening lately. I just finished looking at the behind the scenes photos for Ciara’s new album cover/ video shoot. Her new album drops in July and her stylist asked me to create some pieces for her, so shes wearing custom accessories that I designed for her, that will be available on the site…so I’m really excited about that. You will also be able to see some previews of some futuristic belts that I created, which will also be available for sale in July.

On another note,’His Purpleness’ , Prince, is putting out an ill coffee table book, in which I will be credited in because some of the people in his camp are wearing Melody Ehsani shoes in some photos. So I’m very excited for my first credit in a published book.

There is more stuff brewing that Ill be able to talk about in the near future. In the meantime you should check out the current issue of URB Magazine. Miss Erykah Badu is wearing some of my pieces .

Q: What is Melody Ehsani working on at the moment?eshani.jpg

A:You can visit our online store on our website at or on our myspace page at or visit Melody on her personal page at

Q: Where can I purchase Melody Ehsani or learn more about the brand?

Thank you.

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