Pimp Fashion?

Whats the good news?
Today we are switching up the flow a bit and taking a trip back in time to explore the mysteries as to why individuals in the world tend to believe that Pimp Fashion is symbolized by the featured image.

This is an image that I can stomach as it is not reflective of costume attire but is actually taken from a 1975 JC Penny’s catalog which I came across through a search query of the term Pimp Fashion.

I can conclude that some pimps dressed in this type of attire during these times, yet just about everyone else did as well including Average Joe’s, yet after 35 years, individuals seem to still envision Pimp fashion as reflective of the 70’s.

The experts do say that fashion does actually recycle over time and 80’s attire is currently fashionable for many teenagers who wear some of the same attire that I did in the 80’s so it can actually go either way, but I wouldnt be shocked if future standard attire in fashion may wind up being

reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever days which with the aid of internet technology, we can visit in the present.

A different perspective to consider.