Music Review- Nelly Featuring Ashanti and Akon- Body On Me

While making my web rounds today , I stopped by and had the chance to review the new Nelly single Body On Me featuring Akon & Ashanti.

The release is one of a few singles currently in rotation from his upcoming album
Brass Knuckles, which is scheduled to drop in the month of August 2008.

I can say that the single was pretty much what I expected with no surprises in regards to the melody and hook.
It has a fairly tolerable melody with the popular Akon On The Hook formula, further enhanced by Ashanti’s female voice.

Nelly’s signature formula of catchy jingle music is something that fans who adore him can expect in his upcoming release, and I can state that he is most definitely staying in his lane.

I can say that I had secretly hoped that he may have taken a risk and tried to introduce something unorthodox, yet with the current climate within the music industry, a
DO WHAT WORKS attitude can be understood.

Some Nelly Haters may very well question why I would even invest any publicity into his release, yet truth be told, I am actually a supporter of Nelly, for his
PIMP INTELLIGENCE, as although many so called REAL AUTHENTIC MUSIC/ARTSY FARTSY types would disagree , I NEVER, repeat, NEVER EVER, fail to remember the rules of the game, starting with a simple yet undeniably important one.

Industry Rule# 4079
A Hit Record is, has always been, and will always be, the one that
the Ladies Are Diggin The Most.

Be sure to note that Nelly’s conversation does tend to be @ The Female Folk, which keeps him FOREVER RELEVANT.

It works for me , and it just might could work for you too!!