American Gangster Movie Review

Yes, indeed, you read it correctly.
It says REVIEW, as opposed to PREVIEW.

A friend of a friend has a cousin who was at the barbershop, and the barber had a cousin who has a friend that claims to have come across an ADVANCED CLEAR COPY of the flick on DVD, so here is what the feedback was.

If you are expecting some form of a monumental groundbreaking tale of American Criminology, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until someone else writes the script.

If you are looking for something that may entertain you and make for a good evening out, and give you the ability to convey that you are “Up On Thangs” as far as the movies go, be sure to check out American Gangster.

The movie , set in the 1970’s era, is based

on a True Story, regarding a Black Crime Figure named Frank Lucas , and how a White Crime Fighter finally brought him to justice at the end.
Go figure!!

The criminal character was played by Denzel Washington, and the crime fighter played by Russell Crowe.
Each have their own “INNER DEMONS” that are being worked out during the movie and, the two actually wind up making a connection as individuals who receive some form of redemption at the end of the story by forming an alliance, to take down some of the crooked cops involved in the drug trade.

A few Hip Hop notables in the movie include Common, T.I. , RZA , and Fab Five Freddy.
The part of Nicky Barnes, another black crime figure during that era was played by
Cuba Gording Jr.

The storyline basically reflects how Frank Lucas was able to rise to levels of power not ordinarily seen or expected of from black male crime figures, so that it actually worked to his advantage through the concepts of underestimating an adversaries power. He was able to achieve this status by establishing global business connections, ,and interestingly enough, the connections in the story were in the country of Thailand, where he was shown to have traveled to personally throughout his crime career.

Also of course had the Super Fine Gangster Paradise Wife, who was superbly exotic hailing from Puerto Rico, who he (Frank Lucas) introduced himself to at one his nightclubs.

That should be enough to go on for now.
Scheduled release date is November 2, so
Till Then…

See You @ The Top.
Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin