John Mc Cains Neighborhood, You Play the HATER, I'll Be His NEIGHBOR

In The News

Just in time for the Democratic Convention which begins today , and a confirmed VP running mate for B.Obama in the form of Senator Biden, we are hearing reports that John McCain is actually the owner of an undisclosed amount of real estate properties which are scattered across the United States.

This actually has led to attacks from the Obama Supporters in which they state that
Mc Cain already has The Keys to many houses already, and does not need keys to the White House., and has a hard enough time counting the rumored 10 properties that he owns.

Well, i would guess that as an African American or Black Man, or whatever term us darkies go by in this day and age, I would theoretically need to throw my support behind Obama in hopes of becoming the First Black President.

On a few levels , primarily CHANGE, and the belief that WE CAN , I would be considered a supporter, yet at the end of the day, THE GAME has its rules, and in this particular scenario, the Democrats are officially guilty of what is known as a

Contrary to POPULAR OPINION, the economy is in excellent shape, and has not been as lucrative in quite a few years. Call me out of touch, yet if being out of touch with being BROKE and STRUGGLING to make ends meet is what you are referring to, then I would definitely appropriately fit the title, which would then qualify me to own properties next door to John McCain.

If the man spend time in a P.O.W. camp in Vietnam, then chances are he suffered a bit more than the AVERAGE AMERICAN who is claiming to be the VICTIM of harsh economic realities.
The interesting difference is that his circumstances which led him to a state of imprisonment were more of a circumstance than an actual decision, even though both decisions for richer or poorer tend to based on upon the dotted line of which one signed.

Therefore if the man as a U.S. Senator is doing well for himself, and Ballin’, and receiving a bit of EXTRA LOVIN ON THE SIDE as a Perk of The Position , then my only conclusion would be to BALL WITH HIM, so in this particular case, I sign off on John McCains success and remind those who hate, that its Really the Same Ole Story.

In the words of your favorite hip Hop Artists, John McCain Says-


“And If They Hate,
Then Let’em Hate,

You Play The Hater,
and Consider Me His Neighbor