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(Editors Note – April 12, 2010)

(T.G.I.M.) Thank God It’s Monday.
Reason? Another week afforded to you to make changes.

This is from the September 2009 archives, and a good area of focus in regards to success because one of my fathers most frequently used quotes is that

you get what you pay for.

My own personal life experience shows this statement to be accurate as a rule of thumb, and I have even upgraded to the realization that you actually pay attention before you pay for anything in regards to time or money, or put in another way,

what you see is what you get.

(End Note)


Welcome Home.
We look to be starting off the 9th month with a bang,as if the contractions could begin at any moment, so I decided to just go ahead and flow with the momentum to see where it leads us to next.

After some consideration in regards to what to offer more of this month and beyond, I have come to the conclusion that it really is ideal to focus on subjects matters that are relevant to everyone with a mind to think with, and a heart to feel with, which for the most part, is everyone.

Whether a person is at the

Warren Buffet

level of the earth life experience, or at the level of the guys who live

under the Freeway Overpass near my residence, both of these individuals and all in between have the ability to make decisions.

At the start of my day today, I was pondering on certain things that happen in my life in a search for answers and this new kick that I’m on which states that the most complicated of issues in life always have simple answers and solutions, so here is what I came up with.

When I think about any person that I have ever met or known in my life, I can simply conclude that each and every one of them makes me feel a certain way when I am in their presence or thinking about them.

In urban speak, or what ever they are calling it, we say

“I was really FEELING that person” or

‘I was NOT FEELING that person” .

Usually when we say “Not Feeling” the person, it means that we didn’t get a good feeling from the person, so NOT feeling translates to NOT FEELING GOOD.

From what I  have researched, the new age thought people classify it as a persons energy, which for the most part, is a new way of saying a persons vibes, yet the fact still remains that every single person
tends to feel one, as well as exude one ( vibe).

I guess we all have our personal preferences in regards to what works for us, so I selected the image above because it is a vibe that I am feeling great about, and my fingers automatically went to work after seeing the results of a Google Image search for the word vibe.

The image  just happens to be of a mega star entertainer known as Beyonce, yet to me, even if I didn’t know her name or face and body, the image would still be something that I would find to be therapeutic, so perhaps its a testimonial of how it works for her, or at least the people who agree.

Lets look at the definition since we have gotten into the habit of looking at what words mean when we think about and use them.

tox-ic (tok – sk)
Of, relating to, or caused by a toxin or other poison: a toxic condition; toxic hepatitis.
Capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means; poisonous: food preservatives that are toxic in concentrated amounts; a dump for toxic industrial wastes. See Synonyms at poisonous.
n. A toxic chemical or other substance.

And then we follow up with

ther-a-peu-tic (th-r’-py-tk)
Having or exhibiting healing powers: a therapeutic agent; therapeutic exercises.
Of or relating to the medical treatment of a disease or condition.

If you have made it this far in your reading, you most likely will have identified which category many of the people in your life belong, yet I have a bit of interesting news for you, and it can be considered as bad or good news, based on the type of individual that you are.

The news is that this entry is not about others, but rather about YOU, and the reason is actually quite simple to understand. I read in a book, I believe it was by Tony Robbins, something that translates to when it comes to goals, you never want to set yourself up to where your happiness is dependent on another person or people having to change how they are.

I’m sure some psychology expert would agree as it is a subject that they deal with on a regular basis in human relations studies, yet for this discussion, its simply due to the fact that the only person who you can really change for better or worse is YOU, and it is all a result of your decisions, which actually then places YOU in charge.

It can be taken as good or bad news because there are actually quite a few individuals in the world who wish for it to be otherwise, meaning they want to hold others accountable for their life conditions, so I will simply give a personal account of how it all breaks down.

The simple question is what someone may have already asked you today, which is

How are you?

The choices available will show as either toxic or therapeutic, and the only true and honest way to answer the question is to ask it of yourself.

When you are alone at any point in the day, how do you feel when you are around you? When you greet the person in the mirror before you head out, how does that person make you feel?


I ask because most of the experts conclude that it is a pretty safe rule of thumb to assume that any other person that comes in contact with you will also agree with you in regards to how you feel about your own company.

Do you see the person in the mirror as not really good enough?
Others tend to agree.

Do you see the person in the mirror as vain, in need of much attention, and not concerned with the well being of others?
Others tend to agree.

Do you see the person in the mirror as generous, and a pleasure to be around?
Others tend to agree.

Do you see the person in the mirror as the go to guy/girl, that people tend to look towards for strength and courage?
Others tend to agree.

With me personally, what I am sharing with you is actually always shared with me first, as I am the first one to read what I write, and since it works for me, it just might work for you too.

The section that I have to resolve is as follows.

The experts say that individuals just so happen to be usually looking out for their own best interest as it is a naturally occurring thing, so while another individual may wish to be around me or you as a therapeutic person, do I or another therapeutic person wish to be around a toxic person?

The honest answer, for me at least, is absolutely and most certainly not, as I tend to desire to be around people who feel the same way about me as I feel about me, which would mean that they feel the same way about themselves, or at least have a desire to feel the same way.

What would you do if you were in my position?

Asking myself the same question, I would simply communicate my thoughts, yet it has already happened before I had the chance to think about it.

The moral to today’s entry simply relates to the fact that I am how I am due to the decision that I made to be how I be, and do how I do, and I believe that each and every individual truly has the same power to decide, which was stated at the beginning of the post.

I am aware that many of the viewers are in fact young ladies, who are seeking to learn tips in regards to achieving good results in life, so I am looking at many individuals who are mimicking what they see on television and in magazines which is the popularization of toxic and decadent behavior.

I will now play the part of the bigger person, and simply say that when it comes to different states of being, such as toxic and therapeutic, we can also classify them as stressed and relieved, and from what I know in regards to business, the stress actually pays for the relief, yet the relief does not pay for the stress, so the winning formula would then show as representing and then providing the relief as indicated by Beyonce, with millions of dollars from records and concert tickets sold, in addition to personal business and humanitarian efforts, based on the fact that if Beyonce likes to be around Beyonce, chances are others will agree.

In closing we can again consider it a proactive approach to
health care reform, as one sure fire method of saving on health care costs, is through making the decision to be therapeutic, which leads to the ability of providing the care as opposed to being in need of it and in debt because of it . Health is wealth, and gains and losses are simply results of decisions.

Got It.

Good, now on with the show!!

Toxic vs. Therapeutic- Decisions Decisions