Does Lindsay Lohan Love Herself?

Welcome to September , the month where things have been known to jump off.

I am beginning to get back into the swing of things with the writings and updates with other ventures on the back burner  as they (The Writings)are the primary reason why this thing called exisis in the first place .

At this point in my career as a journalist if that’s what I can be considered, I am exploring the mystery of Hollywood Show Biz  and what it is that  sets the celebrities and so called “important people”apart from the rest, since it at the end of the day is simply an old fashioned game of Words and Pictures.

The motivation to explore this scenario came about when I was making my web rounds last week, and noticed that Myspace had a newsfeed on the log in page regarding Lindsay Lohan’s recent blog post nt the site regarding her conflicts with her father and status update regarding the relationship of her significant other Samantha Ronson.

I can conclude that since she is what many would consider a notable celebrity, people would be interested in hearing about what she has to say directly as opposed to the usual method which is through a publicist to a publication, television or radio outlet.

Who knows?
Perhaps Ill go ahead and get an interview in myself just to confirm my beliefs as she isnt really a hard person to get ahold of in the city, if you know how & where to look.

So lets open up the subject of today’s debate

Does Lindsay Love Herself, and
why is her particular story of a higher priority than the other millions of young ladies in the world and on with such a similar story?
Either way, they can ALL now find solutions here at your Friendly Neighborhood

Now this drama is actually a remake of a popular movie that I have seen may times in the past as well as currently, and the name of the story is
“I Hate My Daddy, Yet I Still Need My Daddy.”

The scenario and whenever ur ready on going feud is a result of a rift between Lindsay and her Father due to what she claims as a constant need by her father to go to the media outlets to voice his views about her life to the masses in an attempt to quench his thirst for fame

From what I understand, Lindsay still has a functional relationship with her mother and sister which actually are celebrities in their own right with their new reality show known as LIVING LOHAN.

The current buzz was generated by events surrounding the funeral of Micheal Lohans father which is Lindsay ,  Cody, Ali, and Michael Juniors paternal grandfather, in which Linday is said to have not attended due to the desire to avoid seeing her father.

Michael Lohan then was then stated to have lashed out in an interviews regarding her relationship with Samantha Ronson, a popular socialite party scene DJ, and how her mother Dina( Ex Wife) was attempting to keep the children at bay from the funeral, which then led to a HIGHLY PUBLICIZED BLOG STATEMENT RESPONSE on in which she defends her position stating

If he really cared about me and my life, then he would learn to respect my wishes by staying out of it.”

In addition to this statement Samantha Ronson got some Publicity out of the deal by statingon her OWN Myspace blog stating

p.s. i’m not the one that is so lost that i need to use my relationship with lindsay to earn a living…. i am, always will and always have been here for her for her- not for anything else….so I think it’s safe to say that there is not now and never will be a tell all….. written by me….. when does your book come out mr. lohan?”

Before I say ANYTHING, let me say lets all bare witnees To The Power of NEW MEDIA, as Im sure there is a pay off for us in here some way, so shouts out to Myspace for setting the ball rolling!
In most cases, PUBLICISTS are for SQUARES anyway, so just start a BLOG and we can teach you how to spin it.

Now, I will not take sides, but lets simply analyze the facts.
the name of the show with ‘LiLo’s’ mother and sister tell it all.

Living Lohan?
Who’s name was LOHAN first??????
Um.. Micheal Lohan Senior.

And who’s name was it before that?
Her Grandfather who’s funeral she is rumored to not have attended due to the conflicts.

Hate My Father, Yet Need My Father
Episode 99.

Talented as Lindsay is in the field of acting, whatever attributes that she possesses on and off screen on some level were given to her by BOTH of her parents.
The only people who know the FULL story are those involved yet the end results show that perhaps some clean up work should be done in the area of all individuals involved because if Lindsay LOHAN says anything negative towards Michael LOHAN, well, a LOHAN is a LOHAN and media statements against any of the same name and related by blood seems like its good for the numbers, \ its cancerous for the Psyche, so  Lindsay, here is your persciption…

A.Fire Your Publicity Reps and your Therapists and
B.Donate to your favorite charitable organization and good cause known as and good will follow.

Just look at what happened to the dude calling you FIRE CROTCH when he took it a step further.

As Far as Samantha Ronson.
Well, as long as she keeps Hip Hop playing in the Upscale Socialite circuit in order to  continuously keep the endorsement money moving in the game , proving to me that there is a DEMAND for some kinda sumthin…I’ll sign off on it will come at the game from the same perspective as Dame Dash did, for those who know the history.Plus Mark Ronson is actually a musically talented individual off of His Own Iszms, so we can just let nature take its course in regards to Li Lo and Sam…( Does Lindsay like Hip Hop??)

At the end of the day I say all of this because I have to again ask what makes this story any more significant than any of the other times that I hear and see it?
Then again, back to my latesest scientific discovery, which is that

What you SEE is What you GET, perhaps when I trace back the steps to where I first SEE it, it would be some kind of scenario playing out in Hollywood where the ACTION tends to be found..
Go Figure?

The only other thing to do is write my own script,
so for the ladies who are reading this and the dudes if it in anyways applies, one of the fundamental cornerstones of Pimp-Ology is the Love And Respect of your OWN SELF, and having a love and respect for where you come from, so as a rule, unless you are an alien or clone , if you have at least a glimmer of hope in resolving a rift between you and your biological father from which you are spawned from via one of two testicles, make an investment in the area of agreement, and it WILL serve you well.

On On My Soap Box As Of Late , So  Dont Hate, Just Try and Relate.