Help Two A Day – Keeps The Doctor Away

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God Its Friday.
I am busy as a B, and when I ask Y, they say “thats just the way you R“, so you can just call me R.B.

Just wrapped up a conference with my business partner, to discuss what ways we can bring the good time to you in the quickest and most effective manner, so I believe that this is as good of time as any to explain some of the methods of our gladness.

As usual, my personal methods are simple yet a tad bit unorthodox, yet at this point the way things are, many of you are willing to try just about anything..right?

Simply put, as a general and basic bottom line, my goal is to assist at least two people ever single day at the bare minimum, and it can be something as simple as offering a word of encouragement, or lending a hand in a small way to someone who may be in need, and I do this without thought of what I will receive in return, which is where the unorthodox part comes into play.

At the end of each month, that usually leads to no less than twenty six individuals assisted, yet since the orders from up top are to be fruitful and multiply, I then move towards helping twenty six people per day, that results in seven hundred and eighty people helped per month give or take a few.

As you can guess, it would be a daunting task to assist this many individual and even increase the numbers from monthly to daily as time progresses, yet thankfully, there is an easy way to do just about anything.

The beauty of this online publication and the Internet as a whole, is in the ability to help many with just a little bit. When we offer our support on the web or just in general, you will notice that it’s centralized, meaning anywhere from two to two billion or more can be aided with just one output unit, usually known to you as a post for macro blogs, or a tweet as a micro blog.

Yes payment is received, yet in a way that is contrary to what you might expect. I will say that it goes a very long way in regards to self worth and integrity to know how much of an impact you can and do have and proving it to yourself time and time again by being able to figure out the most complex of equations with the simplest yet effective methods with smiling faces as the end result.

With that said, while great scientist such as Albert Einstein and others past and present are still seeking to get to the bottom of things, we can spend our time at the top of things by helping others to elevate and expand, and it does wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

You will now see the Help Button displayed amongst the rest of the buttons here at Your Friendly Neighborhood, and you can actually follow suit by simply spreading the word, and helping people to locate the help and help button which is now available and visible.

You also see other icon buttons located beneath each post entry,
and for those who may not be
hip to the game,

they are simply
help link buttons that will automatically allow you to share “the help” on your favorite social networking hang outs spots with the click of a button or two, so try it and see for yourself.

In closing, its just another way of implementing our latest initiative,
PimpHop Participation – Your Excuse To Party, so just follow the advice of the great Frank Sinatra and

Start Spreadin’ The News!.

” Help Two A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away” Internet Magazine
Established in 2002
Keepin’ it “P” till 3003