OJ Simpson Found Guilty 'The Juice Is DRANK'

Only In America!
Orenthal J Simpson has been found guilty by a Clark County (Las Vegas) jury on charges of kidnapping, armed robbery , and conspiracy ,etc and could very well be sentenced to life without possibility of parole, or enough time to cover the rest of his natural life.

He was immediately taken into custody after the verdict was read following a 13 hour dilberation.

His attorney said he would appeal?!?!

PimpHop.com Perspective

Barack Obama
as the first black president of the United States Of America = Very Likely

OJ Simpson
as the first black man to get aquitted twice for haneous crimes twice within one lifetime=Highly Unlikely

You reap what you sow is how the game goes>
Cant quite understand why OJ Simpson would even THINK about such an endeavor to commit a crime
when something such as Jay Walking or Urinating in Public would carry a minimum of 5o year sentence with his prior history.

Perhaps its simply an old fashioned case of a guilty conscience resulting in self sabotage
Que sera sera,