Your Options Are As Follows – Pleasure Or Pain?

T.G.I.M.( Thank God It’s Monday)!
As a suprise to myself even, the numbers are showing that there is a growing amount of interest in and demand for this type of content, yet it simply comes as a result of searching for and selecting topics that everyone that I know can relate to with ease and have personal insight to share in regards to their own individual experiences.

With that said, as opposed to boring you as the viewer with my own personal stories, we can just use this method as a means to brings topics to the table as pondering points and initiation further discussion if need be.

My own personal and brief two cents in regards to the matter for those who care to know is simply that while on my journey to and tour of Planet Earth, I tend to have both states of being clearly pictured and labeled in my own mind so that I know which direction to move towards, and for those psychology experts of the bunch, this tends to be effective as moving towards what I know as pleasurable seems to move me away from the direction of what is painful by default, simply by placing my own landmarks in front of my line of sight and on my personal GPS system.

Works for me, and it might could work for you too, as yet another different perspective to consider.