Obama Is Now In The Game- LITERALLY

How is THIS for Change?
To close the show out and ensure that no vote is left uncounted, Barack Obama will be the first presidential candidate to utilize online gaming ads for campaign promotion.

Using the services of XBox 360 Live online gaming, the Obama campaign will be reaching out to young male voters within this demographic to push for his online voter registration service which can be found at
their vote for change site www.voteforchange.com. Early Vote information is also available


Obama’s video game ads are targeted at a more finely targeted group of potential voters.

The in-game ads are delivered to players through 18 games, ranging from “Guitar Hero 3” and “The Incredible Hulk” to sports titles like “NASCAR 09,” “NBA Live 08” and “NFL Tour.”

Such ads can be directed to particular geographical areas through the Internet Protocol addresses registered with Internet service providers when players’ Xbox 360 consoles go online, Baker said.

PimpHop.com Perspective
Well, if I was on track to become the first African American Commander and Chief for the United States of America, I probably would be on the Internet where the people are, getting my CAMPAIGN on too, as opposed to hoping that they will come to me.
Just Imaginary Thinking I Guess!