Its Time For The Ole "Commercial Paper" Game

Wait A Minute Pimpin!!
If you know the Money Game, General Electric is about to ‘test out‘ the new commercial paper market facilities that The Fed is about to open up.
I guess if you are having trouble making money, the best solution is to simply MAKE SOME MORE MONEY.
Figure It out.

Brief description , commercial paper-

An unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, typically for the financing of accounts receivable, inventories and meeting short-term liabilities. Maturities on commercial paper rarely range any longer than 270 days. The debt is usually issued at a discount, reflecting prevailing market interest rates.
Investopedia Says... Commercial paper is not usually backed by any form of collateral, so only firms with high-quality debt ratings will easily find buyers without having to offer a substantial discount (higher cost) for the debt issue.

A major benefit of commercial paper is that it does not need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as long as it matures before nine months (270 days), making it a very cost-effective means of financing. The proceeds from this type of financing can only be used on current assets (inventories) and are not allowed to be used on fixed assets, such as a new plant, without SEC involvement.

Commercial paper, in the form of promissory notes issued by corporations, have existed since at least the 19th century. For instance, Marcus Goldman, founder of Goldman Sachs, got his start trading commercial paper in New York in 1869. [6]

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