Put The Bill On Your Phone? Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

As usual, those who are interested in Getting & Staying AHEAD OF THE CURVE have come to the correct place.

With the current hype over smartphones and wireless Internet technology, I would have to conclude that all of this Space Age Pimpin is being paid for either in cash or by credit/debit cards.

Insider Tip- While sending text messages is the current IN THING and has been for the past few years, members of our staff (ME) have been actively texting since 2002. On that note, you can have a look at what may in fact be THE NORM in what I would estimate to be around 2011 if not sooner.

The name of the Technology is Near Field Communication (NFC), and for non techies, its simply a Digital Phone Wallet technology that telcom manufactures and service providers, banks , and credit companies are working out the bugs and pay splits for, in order to allow YOU to simply swipe your Pimp Phone near  the payment sensor and charge the fee to your credit or debit account for your expenditure. It works somewhat similarly to what you may see at your local gas station, in which a swipe of a small sensor wand charges the gas bill to your account.

It allows for some more specific features as well, such as coupons and other special offers from retailers, by pulling up the data on your phone, and having the chip inside of the phone process the data.

From Reuters

The world’s biggest payment card company, Mastercard, will unveil on Thursday a service for banks, enabling them to install payment cards into clients mobile phones much easier than earlier, possibly breaking the deadlock over the market takeoff.

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