Follow Fridays – The Truth About Twitter


Here is a great example of the primary difference between inside and outside the box thinking. Its an excellent chance to apply the application that I was blessed with as a youngin, and will share with you if you also wish to apply it. the quote is as follows.

If you want to know if what you are doing is the correct thing to do, simply look at whether or not many people are doing it. If many are doing the exact same thing, in the exact same way, you now know exactly what  NOT to do.

I guess its a good old fashion case of everyone wanting to be a leader or head of the class, in an attempt to fit in and gain approval from their peers, just like in grade school. Whether or not such a thing is actually possible or feasible is a whole other story all together.

If I had to let my analytical mind take control, I would simply picture a bunch of people on a crowded Southern California freeway during rush hour, bumper to bumper, standstill traffic.

I would then calculate the potential outcome of a bunch of vehicles at all at stand still or moving at a rate of under 5 MPH, each requesting the other to follow and pay attention to them, and conclude that if individuals are following each other to nowhere fast, there would be a gigantic standstill of individuals on that same highway leading to extensive cases of a popular stress disorder known as road rage.

Never @ a loss for solutions, if I then had to apply one, I would simply create a diamond lane which is continuously moving forward substantially shortening the travel time from departure to arrival points, which require more than one passenger per vehicle to enter the lane, or perhaps a paid toll fast track option!

Again, this is just my opinion and analogy, and to each his/her own. Ultimately, since birds of a feather are said flock together,

its going to boil down to the feather of the flock and the net worth of the stock.
A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top