The TrUtH AbOuT Series (Part 1) BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICA 2008

Whats the good news people?
Today is another testament to the power of CHANGE, so as usual, being the inspired individual that I tend to be, The signs are showing that the time has come to go ahead and roll up my sleeves and enact some regulation policies to ensure that The Kingdom runs at optimal performance.

This is the beginning of yet ANOTHER series, because according to people IN THE KNOW, problems need to be faced with PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS,

so today’s topic is one that I am sure will generate the needed interest.

The issue with generalizing people into categories is that there are many within the subtext that do not fully fit the description, yet I am sure that the Media Experts such as the folks at T.M.Z. will confirm that if there are any stereotypes that retain interest and attract attention, there will ALWAYS be a certain degree of truth to it, so if the shoe fits……….

Karrine Steffans A.K.A. “SUPERDEAD

Todays story about Black Women in America couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, so I will share with you some feedback from my daily outings.

Out and about at the Mall today, making my usual rounds and feeling Fairly Pimpish with all of the history that has been made in this first week of November 2008,I was walking in to Macys and spotted an attractive young black woman sitting in front of the store. my usual routine is to simply say a few words to check status, so it went something like

RB:”hey Now, how are you today?”
BW:”No Verbal Response Attitude Problem Posture”

It was then that my mind went into contemplate mode because as I stated before, when I have my mind on things needed to be addressed, they usually show up close to instantanously, so as usual, I am never to be found with a loss of words, so my response to the non response was

RB: “Aww man, whats this, woman too good to speak..Hmm Wonder What Barack Obama Would Say?”
BW:”Look of Shock and Bewilderment”

Mission accomplished as my job description entails that she moves towards or away from it, yet if she does not move, then no reward for RB.

When I got back to the workstation, I decided that this would be the perfect time to ponder on what this entails on a more in depth level, and here is what I have witnessed.


Oh so Many Black Women on the Obama Band Wagon, with the shirts, buttons, and other campaign materials since around January 2008 and increasing as time has passed.
All in the name of VOTES is what I would classify it as, but then The TRUTH about the situation hit me.

What if President Elect Obama was stripped of all of his accolades and reformatted back into original raw form, and was walking down the mall sidewalk, looking like his normal self at a few years younger similar to a Lionel Jefferson from the Jeffersons type of jump off?

No Media Exposure, No I.D., just another Young African American Male @ The Mall, equipped with nothing else but what comes from the inside?
Guess it depends on the woman in question, yet would it be too far fetched to believe that she would be looking for signs of what type of car he stepped out of, or jewelry he was sporting or some other visible sign of success?… I DOUBT IT.

But then with all of the hype and fairytale like imagery, I would conclude that the reasons behind the draw would be motivated by a desire to want to have the type of lifestyle and prestige that Michelle Obama enjoys as his wife, mother of his children, and now First Lady Elect.

So, here is where we see the ole Barack is my Baby Daddy support in the world and on the internet.
In a different world, like on MYSPACE or FACEBOOK, perhaps something like this could be attainable, but on the REAL SIDE, lets go ahead and investigate this PimpFormation.

When I watched the half hour Pimpformercial before the election, I tuned in just in time to hear about how the Michelle Barack union all got started.

The story says that B-Rock was on a mission to elevate his game, and needed to score a position at a small Law Firm that Michele Obama was currently employed at AFTER HER GRADUATION FROM HARVARD LAW SCHOOL!
B-Rock saw her in person, spoke a few words of encouragement regarding his campaign, went on an outing, and after some subsequent follow ups, x amount of years later we have President Elect Barack Obama.

Could it be possible that we in fact have Michele Obama to thank?
I would say most definitely that it played a huge part.

Thats the opposite of the Mike Jones Syndrome, because she already was well on her way and helped B-Rock step through the door…NO HAND OUTS!!!!

And before we jump into the whole Good Black Men Like White Women Because They Are Easy debate, what in the world is taking pace inside of the minds of certain black women to cause them to think that her best interest is to make a mans life DIFFICULT?
No White Momma=No Barack Obama, and DEM’S THA FACTS.

(Baby B With The ALIEN HEAD Jump Off?

So in closing, lets simply enact the following legislation.

Broke Goes with BROKE
Change Goes with CHANGE

Case Study-
Next time you are in a store as a woman of ANY decent, ask the cashier if they happen to have change for a $20 Dollar Bill, and if they do, follow up and see if they will hand you that change without you handing the $20 Dollar bill To Them.

its not Rocket Science, but it IS Pocket Science, and the Game is known as an EVEN EXCHANGE
which is why in the U.S. a major factor in the economy has to do with the rates of EXCHANGE, which is why we have a thing called the Securities and Exchange Commission, but what does The Pimpin know about economics anyway?

Working examples
If you want an NBA Ball Player


if You Want A Hip Hop Mogul

You Need To Be BEYONCE

If you want an Actor/Producer

you Need to Be Mariah Carey

Most Importantly You Need to be Yourself and LOVE YOURSELF , if you expect it (Love) from a significant other.

As for Me RB and whatever it is that I Am Classified As.

The Young lady Pictured next to me amongst other things is Afro Cuban, and well, that’s a bit of a different requirement, as she was Raised a Certain Way for a Certain Purpose!!!

Ok, so I got through it without bashing.
Consider me Blessed.


Next Truth About Installment- Black Men In America 2008

Stay Tuned