Should B-Rock Knock Sarah Palin? If She Knew Better, She Could Do Better

Dont Get Your Panties All In A Bunch.
This is The Internet, and you cant believe every little thing that you hear and see. If you want the REAL TRUTH, you should tune in to Mainstream Media Outlets like I do.

For those who are simply looking for some brainless edutainment, this is the place to find it. The picture above is a popular one that has been circulating on the internet since October quite awhile BEFORE historic Election Tuesday.

The cold part about the game is how people really DO see what they want to see, and for whatever reason, none of the credible journalist on any of the major networks or publications have put this image to press or airwaves, which required people to make it happen on their own.

Before we get into the discourse, let me check some stats and handle some NEW MEDIA Business, because from what I saw last week in the Press Conference, B-Rock has Top Level execs from Google as well as Time Warner in his fold,along with Warren Buffet and others, which is the PIMP way to handle business.
Google Search Results
Barack Obama=72,600,000
Sarah  Palin=25,000,000

Barack Obama Sarah Palin Dancing With The Stars Photo Link Click Here

On With The Story.
I had a chance to tune in to the Fox News Network last night to see the Grata Van Susteren
Sarah Palin Interview(Part 1)

and susequent follow up pieces from Hannity & Colms as well as Bill O’Riley

I was going to hold off on posting this Pimformation until I learned that L.A. Times already went ahead and put the word in the air.

(Sarah Palin placed second at the Miss Alaska Pageant in 1984!!)

Obama phoned Palin during the recently concluded campaign and they had a pleasant conversation.

“He was cool, too,” Palin told Greta Van Susteren as the governor prepared a Sunday meal in her lakefront kitchen. “He was, like, ‘Good luck–but not that much luck.’

Well, this one here is not my call, but if it was, I would actually have to go ahead and get my
Executive Order
on, and take the game Bi-Partisan and open up a cabinet post for Sarah Palin to let the world know that when we say CHANGE, we really MEAN IT!!

Of course we see oh so many people that have taken offensive against S.P. but the experts call that a symptom of an inferiority complex, and the COLDEST part about the scenario, is that its coming on strong from her own party members, spreading rumors about how she was really the cause of the failed attempt to secure the White House election victory.

Also, Oprah and a few others have declared her Persona Non Gratis (Black Ball) for her campaign stance.

On the REAL SIDE, i think that Obama better than most can relate to her story, as he simply can reflect on his own experiences of being around umm… “White Folks” that never had any exposure to Blacks and other minorities. The lady JUST DIDNT REALLY KNOW, which is why she states that she went in to competition very ill informed and unprepared.
B-Rock also knows what she went through when some of those people
from her OWN FOLD

Keep Hope Alive….But Just Chop His Nuts Off

were the first to turn against her, which shows that there really IS only one United States of America, with two types of people within its borders.
A. Players

I guess we do need to wait until after the LAME DUCK session passes to fully implement the initiatives, yet I wouldnt be surprised one bit if Sarah Palin had a new cabinet post opened for her, like perhaps
Secretary Of Fashion. When they inquire about the reasons of such an irrational move, simply inform them that the clothes that she is wearing don’t cost $150K , but actually $250K, and its coming out of
Joe The Plumbers Pocket because she made the correct decision to do what a smart woman would which is to align herself with the STIMULUS PACKAGE.
Great Day For RETAIL!!!

Give A Pimp 50 Feet!

She does have some Star Potential as was seen on Saturday Night live which i am sure B-Rock tuned into, as he gets to see McCain’s ugly mug on the Senate Floor, so charge that to the game and say its gonna cost some ching ching if they want to feature Palin on a television or radio program, or perhaps she could start her OWN website??
Its been known to happen, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Lastly, what Sarah Palin DID say is that she knows very little about Africa,
yet what she DIDNT say, is that she wasnt interested in LEARNING ABOUT IT and ITS PEOPLE.

If She Knew Better, She Could Do Better,
Put another way…..
CHANGE We Can Believe In!!!

See You At The Top

( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin