The Scales Of MAAT

Here Is The Business.
Today I felt inspired to go ahead and get into some of what could be considered the more mystical and esoteric elements of The Game.
As those of you who follow the publication are aware, there are times when I am hesitant to really elaborate on such content out of  a concern of loosing some of our followers who are interested in what we would classify as NORMAL subject matters.
At the same time, orders from up top are that the reason I was given the ability to own and operate a news outlet is due to the fact that this type of stuff is actually in demand for a select and important few individuals, and embracing them and their needs is more important than the individuals who have a need for NORMALCY , and my duties and obligations to my HIGHER UPS supersede my obligations to the whims of the ordinary everyday average Joe consumer and the corporate interests of those serving their needs.

The web is big enough for just about everything else, so I consider this as my small piece of the big pie , which is worth more than a big piece of a small pie.

So with that said, its On With The Show…

The Scales Of Maat

First off, as a brief lesson on the subject of hieroglyphics, I will keep it brief and say that everything that you see and hear in the world from the hands of humans actually begins as a thought and feeling inside of the mind and heart of a certain individual. With that said, most people tend to primarily experience life through words and pictures, internally as well as externally. This is important to note, as many of the First Thoughts about anything you can imagine had their roots insides of the minds of individuals who created most of the imagery in this post.
Lets just say for this discussion that its the land where the first words were spoken, and the first numbers were counted, as it actually did require some individual to CREATE numbers and words to then create what is known as Art and Science.

For religious and scholarly theological types, you can actually start at the link below and investigate the origins of where the concepts of religion and philosophy were brought into existence.

The goddess Ma’at

Maat or Mayet, thought to have been pronounced as *Mu??at (Muh-aht),[1] was the Ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order— law, morality, and justice[2]– sometimes personified as a goddess.[3][4] Ma’at was seen as being in charge with regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, [5] after she had set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation.

With that out of the way, we can go ahead and simplify and bring it back down to common sense reasoning and how it relates to                                       Â


This particular script is a storyline that appears to have been with us since the beginning, and the saying that “The Game Never Changes, Only The Names Of The Players” rings true once again.

In simplified terms, the story is about a young woman who is being tested.
The criteria of the test is in regards to the condition of her heart, and it is measured and weighed on a scale, hence the subject title,
On one scale cup rests a human heart, and in the other, a feather.
The test is to weigh the heart against the feather.
The above picture in the beginning of this post shows that if the heart is found to be equal to the weight of a feather, she is then allowed to graduate and cross over to what we could call paradise.
If however, her heart is found to be any weight heavier than that of the feather, she is
cast to meet with the monster or beast which sits beneath the scale.

So again, we have another example of how to KEEP THE STORY SIMPLE YET DEEP, as the picture and story enactment is a concept that can be conceptualized by any individual with eyes and ears , along with life experience , regardless of culture, religion, or any of the divisions that humans tend to create amongst themselves in an attempt to feel superior or avoid inferiority.

What does this all have to do with The Game in even More Simplified terms?

I actually decided to bring this out to back up some of the previous post in regards to the attitudes of young women and people in general in this current age.
Although it again appears to me that  negative attitudes and behaviors are being popularized in
Popular Culture, fundamentally speaking,

it is ultimately IMPOSSIBLE to receive a positive outcome from negative input/attitude.

I trust that your intelligence is to a point where this is something that we all can comprehend, so its important to note that being SMART is a step in the right direction as opposed to being HARD HEADED which is what led to a need for CHANGE!

I believe that a good part of what inspired me to put this piece together is due to the fact that so many that I see have mistakenly classified me/us as SQUARE or SOFT, and not knowing the REAL DEAL about life outside of the box.If I had to trace it down to a cause,I can see that many people with that same belief actually receive their input from the music and what they see in media programming which trickles down to their peers.

Call me a novice , yet what usually rings the alarm for me is in the fact that individuals who may seek to steer you in a different direction such as those who are deceased or incarcerated for an extended amount of time, or in some other form of prison such as drug dependency  or clinical depression ,dont have a voice to get you to reconsider your stance , before you reach the point of no return or close enough to it that it will be an extremely harsh challenge for you to make a 180 degree turn.

We are all GROWN FOLKS here, and the upside is the ability to make your own decisions for your life, and the downside being the responsibility for those choices for better of worse.

This will simply be for the record that for some who may have BELIEVED that we are a bit SQUARE due to a lack of use of too much profanity or profanity without  sound reason, if you have made it through what I have, one of your most valuable resources that you will have gained is to have what is known as
OUTCOME BASED THINKING where you can look at the results BEFORE you decide to think and act in a certain manner, eliminating the need to expect sympathy when the results that you choose provide a different flavor than what your were led to believe or even considered in the first place.

In closing,the facts will show AGAIN, that the leading cause of death in the west is HEART DISEASE, which is a testimonial to the lesson that we have learned today, but wait,
what does THE PIMPIN know about
Health Care anyway?