Carpe Diem "Sieze the day"

Do you ever begin your day by opening your eyes pausing for a moment while the first instinct comes to mind to check how much sleep you can get before you “have to wake up”…? Ya a lot of us go through this everyday, when trying to remember those odd days where you wake up full of energy bright and vibrant feelings go through you and you’re ready to take on the world. Well many of us just seem to forget to allow ourselves to repeat that as often as we want. It’s not impossible to feel this way, we just have to find our means or source of reasoning to spark it and frame that and utilize it.

The essence of Latin culture is a very laid back and relaxed in sense, when in it’s true nature. As often as a situation may change through the moments onto the next, becoming more difficult and some superbly enjoyable a smile rides the entire way. I guess you would ask yourself “Why when you come across an obstacle you become stressed or uneasy.” I would suggest that never 100% of the time can we be smiling, but we can definitely adjust our prospect points and learn to adapt our understandings of all situations. It truly is a divine road and different for all, as we strive for unity in terms of sharable tools. It is yet only possible that we enjoy each others company and enjoy the vastness life has to offer.

The terminology one should take from this is in relation to the Brazilian side of life is “tudo bem” or “all is well”. Inside and out we can all smile at life when we learn to forgive the moment and realize our stress points are not actually needed. Many different cultures throughout the world have grown a lot in the past milleniums and change has always been constant. One strong wind is set sail for all the drive towards and that destination usually is money. As it offers the strongest sense of security and has been said to promise endless happinesses variable to the individual whom seeks it.

Let us follow our own hearts in the short life we’re given, but let us do it wisely. Let yourself be challenged to forgive more easy, praise more generously and surround yourself with unmanufactured miricals of life! All of this is defined by the “Carpe Diem”.. I am largly incharge of my life and I focus on obtaining the structured elements I define as my goals. Never let the game play you, keep your heads up and focused on what’s good or you might get lost.. Para agora, ate demais.. For now, until later!~

Keep on keeping on keep on~>