CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN (Part 2) – The Elimination Of The Middle Class Starring Janet Yellen

Advancements in technology and globalization are chipping away at America’s middle class, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday.

In an appearance before the House Financial Services Committee, Yellen said if the U.S. looks at the flight of jobs and wages from middle-class families, it must take into account how automation has eliminated several lower-skilled jobs.

“Wages and jobs of middle-class families that have seen diminishing opportunities and downward pressure on middle-class wages, we have to take into account factors of the technological change that have eliminated middle-income jobs and globalization that has reinforced the impact of tech,” said Yellen.

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What we are @ Liberty to share with you at this point of the story is simply that it is extremely important for intelligent individuals to recognize the difference between having the most people agree with your line of thinking vs. having the correct people agree with your line of thinking.