PimpHop.com Mission Statement- IN VIDEO!!

OK Folks, today I was reflecting on the results of this past year to chart my course for 2009, and I ran into something interesting that I had forgot about.

Coming from The Soul, I often ponder on what tends to be an obstacle in achieving OPTIMAL RESULTS for the goals that I set for myself. in other words, whats the hold up?

Since I ALWAYS take responsibility for the way things are in my life, I can also assume the power position and make things how I desire for them to be.

On That Note, up above is a Video that was created less then 45 days into the New Year of 2008
(Super Bowl Sunday) and it seems that I got an early start on CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.Go Figure.

Anyhow, I often question whether or not I am effectively explaining what it is that I am out to accomplish to others, or am I making an assumption that individuals will be able to get it on their own.

People have told me, that if you give people the opportunity to draw their own conclusions, 9 our of 10 times, they will draw an Incorrect One.

I will just have to Keep it Corporate in the regards and implement a CYA (Cover Your Ass) mechanism to ensure that my duty was done, and move forward accordingly, so for those who are interested, the video above is a description of my campaign initiatives, and for all I know B-Rock and his team saw it as an effective way to prove the catch phrase
YES WE CAN, as We already did it from the start of the year.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


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Scotty Pimpin