Sincere Saturdays – Your Weekly Compliment!

Well, lets see here. Its just like the classic scene in the movie
Coming To America.

They got the Big Mac, we got the Big Mick.
They got the Golden Arches, we got the Golden Arks.
They got Follow Fridays, we got Sincere Saturdays.

It’s actually just a clever use of resources as it would be a tough task to go to each and every individuals online profile and deliver a compliment, yet not so much of a task to let as many people know that a weekly compliment can be found here at, and a sincere one at that.

With the Internet, it’s challenging to know what a persons
actual situation
may be, yet a simple five minute task may help someone’s situation unknowingly, so welcome to Sincere Saturdays, and the compliment for the week is the one that you see in the header image of this post, as well as the entry tag line on the homepage billboard of this online publication.

“What You See Is What You Get”

Stay Tuned.

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