Hey Mom, Im On "OLED" T.V.

OLED= (Organic Light Emitting Diode).

OLED technology has been around for a while and has seen limited deployment in recent years.  Wikipedia credits the idea of sending electricity through organic materials to generate light to the French back in 1950.  Since then, different organic compounds and means of disbursing them have come into being.  It should be noted that the term organic means carbon and oxygen based materials versus synthetic chemical based compounds.  The most common uses of OLED technology are phone displays, digital watches, and heads up displays.  In other words, things that are monochromatic and have limited power sources.  The end results are devices with thin, lightweight screens less than 6? in size.

Its the latest and greatest innovation in the television industry, which appears to be making High Definition  obsolete before it reaches anywhere near its full life cycle.
Let the record reflect that somewhat of a similar product (flexible plasma)

has already been released in Japan prior to the unveiling of this new model at the
Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Las Vegas by Sony.

The technological specifications for this item are truly amazing, and should be viewed at the Sony Style website

The most important piece of inspiration , for me at least , comes from the executives at Sony, who state that although there is a global economic slump, innovation must still continue to push forward.
I agree, as the CORE demand for consumer electronics comes from innovation, which is a fancy way of saying

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