Young African American Male Leadership On Federal AND Local Levels- First 100 Days

Its The Hour Of Power, which for me is between 4-10 a.m.
M-F so whatever buttons my fingers push is what you get.

Just watched a program last night regarding President Obama’s security challenges with his usage of a
Blackberry smartphone.,0,3585072.story

Its a fairly interesting state of affairs, and I cant think of a better way to have your product endorsed .
For those of you who are new to these parts, PLENTY of information is available at this publication in regards to which tools are most essential in keeping your GAME TIGHT.

On to today’s discussion, what I find most fascinating is how amazed and impressed many members of government as well as media representatives are in regards to Obama’s unique ability to deal with people with differing ideologies and platform representations.
For me, I actually find this as the NORMAL way of doing things, and I would be as bold to say that I believe it does have much to do with the learned codes of conduct that are found within African American Culture.
Although some corporations have caught on in regards to the selling power of the culture such as Nextel, with their Boost Mobile series,

Its a fairly common tendency for people of color  in the U.S. to shoot each other a CHIRP, and if you are not quite clear on what that means, I invite you to stay around and absorb , as for whatever reason, I can tell that Obama is running the country in this type of fashion and mind frame, and while many would at first underestimate the validity of it all, it at the end is producing excellent results.

On that note, the man specifically stated that he and his staff would NOT be able to resolve the issues alone and on an administrative level, but would require the assistance of the citizens. President Obama and his administrations effectiveness is in regards to matters on the highest levels of government, and not in regards to the local everyday affairs of the people.

I will go ahead and coin my own phrase as usual, so lets look at it as Trickle UP Economics, Or
Pimpin At The Midpoint.

Centralizing The Pimpin is the key, and while many will be a bit taken back by the bold approach that we are taking, please be sure to note, that TIME is Ticking, and as the results of the way that you are Used to are worsening, the value of the NEW WAY is increasing, so there really is no middle ground left on which to stand, and in corporate ideology, it is known as MARGINALIZATION.

With that said, today we are going to start with something simple, which is the Organize America Project

As President, I will need the help of all Americans to meet the challenges that lie ahead. That’s why I’m asking people like you who fought for change during the campaign to continue fighting for change in your communities. Since the election hundreds of thousands of you have shared your ideas about how this movement should move forward, and we’ve listened carefully.

Let the record reflect that in all likelihood, your particular emails would not reach The President in person, yet I can guarantee that they are in fact viewed and reviewed by someone in his administration and contact list which you see him in the act of texting with on his Blackberry up above.

Also be sure to check the blog as well, and as for the technology and whole online/offline grassroots organization/mobilization format,
well, we kind of already have been here for a few years now,

and are STILL patiently waiting for YOU, to get involved at whatever level your instincts lead you to.

Lets Make Moves!

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin