Obama Says- "What's A Pimp Without A Cadillac?"

Picture This.
GM, the parent company of Cadillac Motors is on the list of the top three U.S. automotive industry giants, on the verge of Bankruptcy. One of the executives at GM became convinced along the way that Barack Obama was sure to win the election. He then thought to himself and said

Hmm, Barack Obama is an African American, and well, historically, it has been shown that African American Males tend to have an affinity for the Cadillac brand.

He then went to a secret meeting with then President Elect Obama and staff during the transition period, and conveyed to him, that there was an updated , customized, bullet proof limousine , space age pimpin version created just for him, as a gesture of good faith in ensuring that GM is in good graces during bailout funding consideration.

Did, GM collapse, or are they still in business?

Only In America!
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