Game Tips- How To Increase Your "KOOL FACTOR"- REPOST 11-24-08

Happy Monday, and Welcome Back Home!
I would have to conclude that the week prior has been the same for you as for me, which is Extremely Productive, due to yours and my interest in this publication.
Its what works for me, so I share it with YOU, and with an OCEAN FULL OF KOOL AID ,
its way too much for one man to drink alone, so while
I CAN Put Together And Provide The LINK!!
Over the weekend, I had a chance to really focus in on what it is that I may be able to offer that is hard if not impossible to find elsewhere, and this is what I came up with.

Ever since I was 4 years young (Pre School Age) I caught on to an interesting fact about life and the people in it. It appears that in essence, people in general just want to be LIKED (Respected) or perhaps avoid being Not Liked (Disrespected).

Fast Forward to the year 2008, with technologies that allow people to connect with each other in ways that people in past times would have considered to be science fiction.

At the end of the day, it is PEOPLE who use technology, and regardless of any advancements in any area of mankind, so long as their are people with thoughts and feelings, there will ALWAYS be a
Demand for Respect, and perhaps even a GREATER NEED as the means of interaction are increasingly abundant.

On the iworld wide web, as well as the world at large,
along with devices that allow people to connect to The Internet,I can confirm that Respect is still a HOT SELLING TICKET.
I actually passed by Starbucks yesterday evening, and saw many of the people there in groups, surrounding the Lap Tops like it was a prize fight or other sports event that they were viewing, so like always, I just imagined if I was actually in their seat, what would I want to see and know about if I was watching the show, and this post in regards to KOOL FACTOR INCREASE is what I came up with.

On That Note, I am going to take a quick break, and go on my morning stroll before I get into it, so bare with me as I will share what I came up with when I return.

BRB 7:00 am

Back 7:45 am

Ok, let me go ahead and just knock this one out the box and move on, as I can already tell that it is going to bee a good day from my walk, and Ill explain how these things happen in future posts.

So, we are talking about Respect and how to go about increasing your Kool Factor, right?

Ok, Ill have to get my Arm Chair Psychologist Hat on before I elaborate, so what you need to know about is what is known as Projection. You can Google it by typing psychology and projection.
as a matter of fact, HERE IT IS.

In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions to others

With that out of the way, lets get into the steps needed to increase your kool factor.
Another way of saying what is stated above is that whatever DISRESPECT & DISLIKE (DISSING) you give or show  to other people, is really an attempt to take the focus off of you and your own self perceived bad qualities.

Today is actually your lucky day, as I am going to show you how you benefited from making the choice to tune in and tell a friend, by wrapping up about 26 weeks or one full year of therapy into a single post and save you the time and money.

Doctors Orders
Take the focus off of what you see wrong with OTHERS and KEEP IT on what’s GREAT ABOUT YOU!

What you would need to do is grab a pen and paper or perhaps even use your computer for a good purpose.
I can guarantee that each and every person reading this has no less than three things that you can do better than anyone you know.

For the ladies, a NEWSFLASH that is sure to enlighten you is as follows.

Looks Obsession is NOT A GOOD LOOK!

The GAME RULES SAY , that any woman who is 1/2 way decent looking, and even some who are not, will not have such a hard time landing a man and his attention.
KEEPING a man and his attention is what separates that WOMEN from the GIRLS.
This dilemma will always be resolved of by that quality and talent that YOU have that another woman does not, and it would be something other than the thing between your legs that classifies you as a WOMAN

All of those things CAN and SHOULD  be used to compliment what you DO have available, that cannot be provided by another.

On that note, many of you have already named three to thirty three things before you even got this far, and that is the most important and first  step in increasing your Kool Factor, which is your SELF IMAGE!

Those three things to start, can be determined by what it is that people ALWAYS come to you for and compliment you on.

-Cant No Body Put Together and outfit like (XXXXXX YOU)

-When it comes to doing Hair its (xxxx YOU) all the way.

-I know Im gonna fail this test unless I get (XXX YOU) to help me study, because YOU always get the best grades.

You get the point.

It works the same for Guys as well.

Simply write these three things down to start, and place them somewhere where you will be sure to see on an daily basis. You can even state them on your Myspace of Facebook or Personal PC Files or on your bathroom mirror.

If you can discipline yourself to keep your mind on those good qualities about you, and not the poor qualities of others , you will start to notice people acting differently towards you for some odd reason.
You don’t need to tell them where or how you got the iszms from, but you DO need to show them more of what it actually is that they like about you, and PAY ATTENTION to and the only way that they will see those things that are likable about you is when……
You Guessed it,
YOU are focused on those things that are likable about you.

There are infinite ways to grow from that point, which will be discussed here at your Friendly Neighborhood more frequently, but for now, just know that when you hear that you must
GIVE RESPECT to GET RESPECT, the most important element and person to get the respect from is YOUR OWN SELF, which can only be received and realized if you show it to YOURSELF FIRST and then to others.

Bragging about Yourself is a GOOD LOOK, if it is THE TRUTH, because it will then allow you the same capabilities that I have, which is to
, starting with you and your intelligence which led you to check up on this post.

For This You Receive a HIGH FIVE!!

Give Thanks to Yourself, and Receive Thanks from yourself, and that which CREATED you,
and Official Pimpin Status will find its way to where it belongs, which is to YOU!

This should help tremendously in regards to the subject of CHANGE, because there is no longer a need toHATE on the KOOL KIDS, as now you have THE GAME TO BECOME ONE OF US!

Got It?

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