Sex And The Internet- A Coversation Between J.C. And R.B.

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I guess this is what we can call Freestyle Fridays, as we are going to do things different today. When discussing different subjects and tasks today, we both decided to just let you in on the conversation as it may be entertaining for you to listen in to conversations held by others.

This was on the subject of Sex and the Internet, and perhaps you may be able to grab something from it. I have not done any editing or spell checking, as I want to leave it for you as is to figure out.

Also note that the beginning part of the chat session is not included, as it was somehow cut from the dialouge box, usually meaning all that you were meant to see IS what you see and get. So with that said.

Enjoy something different today, compliments of
Your Friendly Neighborhood


will actually lead to being caught by NONE
do you believe that females known this and in their heart feel like they are cheating the guys in a sense?
like TEASING them so to speak?
yes they are ok with it, it does not mean that they have to go through with anything most of them will just be a tease get the enjoyment of all the showering of compliments and then they are done
ok, well i will have to get philisophical and let women know why this may need to be assesed
at some point that same guy will go out into the real world
and so will she
and this type of behavior can cause an emotional irritation in men who are not socially savvy
and on the REAL
the women who got hit in the L.A. Fitness killings just recently
or the reality TV grusome execution and decapitation
or many many scenarios that are NOT announced in the news
are a DIRECT result of that “TEASING and CHEATING”
vary true! i will agree with you whole heartedly on that!
that is almost always what happens.. either that or a controlling jealous Ex who does not want anyone else ro have his girl
thats the other side of it
all in all, its all the end results of DECIET
so being honest with ourselevs
lets state that both the men and the women have a desires
guys to Get Laid
girls to get Some Attention
and in Normal Life
guy gives girl attention to check feedback
if interested–Keep on It’
if not–>Move On
but with the Internet
there is no way of really assesing the persons response if you are one of those types of guys
which leads to STALKING
what do you feel is a fiar and equal balance that can be struck between both sexes?
a WIN WIN Situation?
well in some ways, it is a Win Win, because some women actually like the idea of being stalked becasue they are getting that attention they wanted all along and look at how much more attention she would get if something happened! ( i know it sounds terrible) but soem women will do what it takes to get the ttention they want… even if it comes down to that.. soem women will try to give someone hints into how to stalkk them, tell them where they are, etc.
just for the satisfaction of” that person, i swear he is stalking me, uugh! can’t he get over himdself? i am way too good for him” and they can feel like that celebrity they want to be inside who has everyone wanting them and following them just to get a glimpse of them
ok, yet at the end, its still a Loose Loose, because if one is not satisfied, then both will not be in the process of Time. Its like something that Plato would say
well, i guess i will contradict myself and say yes that is right as well.. i guess it is a Loose Loose situation…
ok, well I believe we have a solution, so congratulate yourself for being the hero of the story about something that may infact have a HUGE impact on the population.
I have always stated that the way to a successful relationship with any multiple character scenario
is when each one comes into the situation looking for what they can offer and how they can better
not the opposite, which is pretty much the norm with CONSUMERISM
so.. you said in the beginning
that you come into a situation seeking to help make it better
and I am friends with you because I seek to help you and others to make their situation better
that is the fair and balanced solution, and we will focus in it as a New Standard of Attitude & Behavior.