The Ruling- Chris Brown vs. Rihanna Story

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After taking some time to fully asses the matter at hand,
my ruling (Personal Opinion) is as follows.

A.The Sick Cannot Provide Adequate And Effective Treatment For The Sick.

B. A Majority Of Celebrity Romantic Relationships Are Doomed To Fail, Due To The Fact That Their Is Only Room For One In The Mirror .Talent Tends To NOT  Fair Well With Talent (EGO CLASHING)!

C. It Is Not Possible Or Feasible For A Woman To Draw Strength From
A WEAK Man Or Make An Attempt To Do As Such.

This is my Input, so please feel free to take from it what you will.
Your interest in my personal opinion is appreciated and noted, and your feedback is always welcomed.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin