Do Eagles "TWEET"?

On With The Show.
Its The Next It Thing, Before The Next It Thing.

In my opinion, idle chatter is definitely not Keepin it “P”, as Pimpin is all in the conversation and words out of the mouth of such individuals are worth their weight in platinum. so to each his own.

I can see an effective use for the application if what is being stated has some useful quality or will point individuals to a place where useful resources can be found (URL’S), so on that note, its been there for a while, and for those who like to Holla From The Highway, the link for Twitter is below.

“What are you doing?

Using to Market, Promote, Publicize, and Sell, so that you can
What are YOU doing?

Shouts going out to Twitter for at least attempting to innovate as opposed to remaining stagnate.