Nathan Smith- Claims To Have Found Treasure Ship Using Google Earth

Aww Dang!
See what happens when you let certain black people start to fool around with computer technology?
Just kidding, yet in the news, it appears that the man pictured above(Nathan Smith, Treasure Hunter) is staking claim to the discovery of a lost treasure ship in the Tex-Arkana area using the Google Earth application.

Smith explained that using Google Earth from his home in Los Angeles, he spotted what he thought might be the outline of the vessel away from the creek where it was alleged to have run aground. The spot he found looks something like a shoe print. He contacted several experts about his find and drove to Texas to check it out, eventually with a metal detector.

“Where we walked, your honor, there was gold, there was silver. When you step off that area, you got nothing,” said Smith about the metal detector results. He estimates the treasure to be worth $3 billion.

The plot thickens as the supposed location of the booty is located on private property. The owners discredit the finding and claim to be uninterested in the digging up of their grounds based on such an audacious claim. Smith is pushing maritime law, which gives individuals rights in certain aspects that override private property rights.

This is one to keep an eye on, as with the condition of the economy as well as an African American President, some kind of legal loophole may mysteriously appear.

Wishful thinking?